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How to – Luxembourg genealogy – Tables Decennales

Next up on the to-do list… Where is your ancestor from in Luxembourg? As in many other countries, you need to figure out your ancestor’s hometown in order to find their vital records. There are a few options for doing this.
If your ancestor was in Luxembourg during the 1850s and 1860s, check the “Table Decennales.” These tables are lists of births, marriages, and deaths, organized by surname. They’re available online from the University of St. Thomas for 1853-1863. You can search by location (district or town), type of record, and surname. It’s not a perfect solution- your ancestor would have to be born/married/died during that period in order to turn up on the list. But, it’s a starting point.

If you’re interested in earlier records, the tables are available on FamilySearch. They are not searchable. Go to Luxembourg, Civil Registrations. Click on the commune. The tables will be the last item on the list.

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