Tuesday’s TIp: What on earth are notarial records?

I was just reviewing the Luxembourg notarial records for client work and realized how many people likely skip them completely, just because they don’t know what they contain.

So it’s time for a little help.

1) What’s a notary? A notary is a legal official granted a number of rights and duties. They are somewhere between the American lawyer, probate judge and town clerk.

2) Where do notaries work? Each notary had his or her own area. Their working region might encompass several towns.

3) How are their records stored? Records initially remained with the notary. Depending on the country, some have now been copied to central archives. FamilySearch has a fantastic collection of Luxembourg records.

4) What information is contained in notary records? It truly depends. Check out this post from the French Genealogy Blog for ideas – but be aware, Luxembourg’s records could also be kept in German.


About Bryna O'Sullivan

A Connecticut-based professional genealogist, I love working with beginners of all backgrounds. I also do specialty research in Connecticut and Luxembourg-American genealogy.
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