Thrifty Thursday: Save Time and Money – Plan your Trip to ANLux ahead

ANLux (the National Archives of Luxembourg) has updated their website – and offered a time and money-saving goldmine to genealogists.

First, they’ve explained what’s available for genealogists and how to access it. Check out their video here. Please note that the video is in French.

In looking at the video, I noted something important: 90% (literally missing one collection) of the genealogical collection has been digitized and is already on FamilySearch.  The span of the census records, it should be noted, is slightly shorter. Use those collections to save time during your trip.

Turns out there’s an online index available for the one missing collection. The Cadastre de Marie-Thérèse was taken between the 1750s and 1770s to create a working list of property holders. Go to Fonds ANLux and search for your ancestor’s name. If you find a reference to him/her, you can order a copy via email. Contact information is available here. Since copies are charged at 25 euros per half hour research, plus reproduction, that’s where you’ll want to spend your time. Plus maybe on the missing census years…

Second, they have helpful research hints, such as the 1900 commune names of 1803 parishes. Click here for the list.  Happy searching!

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