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Year 8? Locating Luxembourg birth records during the Republican period.

Locating a birth record for someone born in 1800 should be easy – but isn’t.

I’ve been attempting to locate a birth record for someone born in 1800. Thanks to their marriage record, I have a very clear date of birth. I also know where records for that period are held (digitized on FamilySearch). Easy, right?

Not so fast. From 1793-1806, France used the Republican calendar. Luxembourg was part of France for most of that period, so they adopted the calendar as well. A birth date in today’s (Gregorian) calendar won’t help you find the document you need.

So what do you do?

Begin with a calendar converter. Enter the date in the Gregorian calendar; it will give you the date in the Republican calendar.

Use that date to locate the appropriate microfilm reel on FamilySearch. Be aware that these microfilms are organized by location.

Start hunting… Good luck! Records for this period are scattered. I discovered the hard way that my ancestor’s town did not have records for 1800.

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