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Wedding Wednesday: How do I find my Luxembourg ancestor’s early marriage record?

A woman in her late 60s dies in 1822… How do you find her marriage record? Civil registration isn’t going to help…

I faced this problem recently well doing research on a Luxembourger family.

The answer:

1) Since civil registration doesn’t start until the late 1790s, you can hope she married in her 40s – or hand search church records in the local town.

2) You can use the table des marriages (one index is sorted by groom; the other by bride.) To get there, go to FamilySearch and click on the town where the church was located. If you don’t know the correct town, check each town in the modern commune. The table will be the last thing on the list. Cards are in alphabetical order. Be liberal with the spelling. Often you will find records under “sound alike” spellings.  The card will give you the spouses, their places of residences, and  the marriage date. From there, you can locate the Latin record among the church books.

record-image_3QS7-L9WS-9F4X (1)
Table de mariages

Happy hunting!

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