Workday Wednesday: Luxembourg-American Photographers

Want to see a photo of your 19th century ancestors?

With Luxembourg-American families, it may actually be a possibility. Luxembourger families tended to be close knit, far more so than those of ethnic groups. If you’re lucky enough to find work of a Luxembourger photographer, you may also find photos of his entire extended family.

How do I know? I’m descended from one. Theodore Hingtgen was a photographer on the Dakota prairie from 1878 or so to 1918. He apparently loved to photograph his family as photos have ended up in every branch.


The Hingtgen daughters


Stumbled across a Hingtgen Studios photo and don’t know what do with it? Please let me know.

Are there other Luxembourger photographers? I suspect so, but I haven’t had any confirmation. If you’re descended one, please let me know as well! I’m more than curious.

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