Thrifty Thursday: Accessing the Luxemburger Gazette

The Luxembourger community’s “ethnic” newspaper, the Luxemburger Gazette is a research goldmine. Obituaries can list place of birth and ancestry in Luxembourg, as well as that person’s life after arriving in the United States. In the case of my ancestor’s first wife, it helped us identify her parents and from there – much of her family’s history.

Unfortunately, the Luxemburger Gazette is nearly impossible to access. I only know of two organizations that have full runs and only one more with a partial. In general, hiring research is costly. So I’ve done a little extra digging to find out how to save some money when I order the next set of obituaries. It turns out that the Luxembourg American Cultural Society is by far your best option: at $20 an hour research fee, and $.25 a copy, you should be able to get most of what you need fairly affordably. Just be sure you have the article name, page number and date in advance.

Oops… Don’t have that? You’ll need to do a little bit of extra shopping. The second volume of Luxembourgers in the New World serves as an index.

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