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Those Places Thursday: Tracing your Luxembourg ancestor’s path – and your history – through his relatives…

An Luxembourger ancestor bounced from the Luxembourg center of Iowa, north to North Dakota, east  to Minnesota, back to North Dakota, and then north to Saskatchewan… What happened??????????

Apparently, he decided to have an interesting life, just to give me something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving!

Or more likely, he was moving to be closer to friends and relatives. I’ve identified siblings living in his two North Dakota residences and suspect that other siblings might have been close in Minnesota- and maybe even Saskatchewan.

Which comes to my point. When you’re tracing a Luxembourg ancestor’s path, don’t just look at him but instead consider the entire family. If you know his or her siblings, track them down – he might be nearby. Just know him? Look for similar last names to find potential siblings. Use the extended Luxembourg family tree to your advantage… and maybe have a little extra fun figuring out why your ancestor moved to live with his siblings. Cheap land was a big draw.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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