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Church Record Sunday: Hints for Reading Luxembourg’s Church Records #genealogy


Jean Reuter was born in 1795. That’s good news and bad news. The good news: unlike many other countries,  Luxembourg has records going back that far. The bad news: they’re church records. That means that they a) are on the parish level and b) are in Latin.

So, how can you locate and read the record you need?

  1. Keep in mind that there are many parishes in a modern commune. Don’t fixate on the commune name – it probably won’t be on the list for FamilySearch.
  2. Check out this great Rootsweb website, which allows you to locate parishes by village.
  3. Once you have the parish name, go to “Luxembourg Church Records” collection on FamilySearch.

Once you’ve found the record, how do you read it?

  1. Use the FamilySearch genealogical word list to identify major words.
  2. Not finding the word you need? Check out this detailed post on Genealogy Bank’s blog!
  3. Too complicated to trace every word. Consider hiring a translator from APG.

I’ve got a few more microfilms to read… Hopefully I’ll find his baptism soon!


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