4 Hints Your Ancestor is from Luxembourg #genealogy

I recently helped a very confused researcher. He thought he knew exactly where to look for the records of his ancestor – but when he looked for the location, he found it didn’t exist. He’d fallen prey to a typical problem for Luxembourg researchers.

American records made a “mistake.” Most American record keepers had never heard of Luxembourg and simply marked the records with whatever they believed to be the closest location. But thankfully, there are some common patterns.

Here are four hints that your ancestor may actually be from Luxembourg:

  1. Their first name is French and their last name is German.
  2. Their birthplace includes “Luxembourg.”  While there is a province of Belgium called “Luxembourg,” the majority of American immigrants are from the country.
  3. Their birthplace is marked as Dutch – in a majority German area. Census enumerators didn’t recognize the Luxembourgish dialect.
  4. They settled in one of the Luxembourg towns in the Midwest. The Institut Grand-Ducal offers a list.

Does your ancestor meet one of these criteria? Time to start looking at Luxembourg resources.


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