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Why you always want to see the original – even when there’s a great index!

Luxembourg has some fantastic genealogy  indexes! For example, there’s the “tables des marriages” or marriage index cards. Saves you thumbing through hundreds of pages of records in Latin, right?


Well, maybe… Here’s the record for Matthias Danckhoff. It fairly clearly lists Annae Boving as his mother.



But looking at the original shows why you should always attempt to find the original record…



before Anna’s name are the words “relictuus viduus” – in short widower. If they’d referred to Anna, they’d end in a. They refer to Matthais. Anna is his first wife…

And there was only an easily missed hint that something was wrong. Gertrude was 46 at the birth of their first child, while most women in the era were 26.

Lesson learned? Always find the original!





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