How to

What’s a “Table des mariages” and how can it help my research?

I’ve spent way too many hours lately reading “tables des marriages…” but I couldn’t get any work done without them…



I’m trying to trace a Luxembourg family back in time. In the US, we’d use the census, but first accessible census for Luxembourg dates from the 1840s. Our next step is vital records. I need to find the previous history of someone who died in 1808. But Luxembourg’s civil records only extend back to the 1790s, making it unlikely that his marriage was included.

Thankfully, I know where he was living when he died. So I’m using the Luxembourg Church records to check the local churches. Using the tables (usually the bottom of the list) saves me time , because I can read through entries indexed by the last name instead of by date.

Now if I can just find the record!



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