Tuesday’s Tip: New Location for the Luxemburger Gazette

I’ve been hunting for an easily accessible copy of the Luxemburger Gazette for a while. As the American Luxembourger paper, it contains great detail on the lives of Luxembourgers in the US. I have the index (v. ii of Luxembourgers in the New World) and know that it contains at least one article on my great-grandfather I would really like to read.

But thus far, every  attempt to get a copy of the article has failed. One organization I’d been told had the paper doesn’t (the Allen County Public Library); another never responded to my research request.

Discovering the Family History Library has  the paper  was a major step forward. All I have to do is order the microfilm through their website, and it will be shipped to my local Family History Center for $7.50. To get order it, go to and make sure that you are logged in. Then go to and click on the film image to order. Happy hunting!


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