Mappy Monday: A helpful book for tracing Luxembourg’s history in maps…

To find your Luxembourg ancestor’s records, you’ll need to know who has them. While many are in Luxembourg, due to boundary changes, others are stored by Belgium, France, and more. How do you know where your ancestor’s records might be? You’ll need to see where the ancestor was living at the time – not just where the town or city is now located. Check Luxembourg as well, but if the town was, for example, located in France (as all of Luxembourg was between 1795-1815), make sure to check if records for your ancestor can be found in France.

How do you follow the boundary changes? I’ve added a new book to my wish list, The Family Tree Historical Maps Book: Europe, a Country-By-Country Atlas of European History, 1700s-1900s. Using maps between 1723-1925, it traces how the boundaries of “Benelux” (aka Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) have evolved over time. Unfortunately, the maps of Luxembourg aren’t detailed, but it should be enough to give you a starting point.

Happy hunting!


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