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4 Tips for Using the Index to the Luxemburger Gazette

I’ve been spending time recently working with the index to the Luxemburger Gazette  (volume II of Luxembourgers in the New World), filling in details on family trees.

I’ve gathered a few tips to make beginning  your research a bit easier.

  1. Know when you start that the index entry is day/month/year followed by the page number. Don’t read it “American style” by accident or you may end up with the wrong issue.
  2. Look for all the variations of the name: T., Theo and Theodore may refer to same person. But they have separate sections in the index.
  3. Look for the same index entry under multiple names with that surname. Knowing Anton, John and Anna appear in the same article can help you identify whether or not it refers to your family without reading the article. This is a huge time saver if you don’t read German.
  4. The Gazette was printed in Gothic script, so plan some extra time to identify the correct article. The letters don’t look like what you’d expect.

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