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Those Places Thursday: 4 tips for working with obituaries in the Luxemburger Gazette

Who doesn’t love digging up new information in the obituaries? But how do you handle the Luxemburger Gazette when you don’t speak German?


Tip 1: The obituaries are organized by place not name. To find an obituary quickly, make sure you to know where your ancestor died.

Tip 2: The name is generally the first thing after the place – but might not be. In the above obituary, the section within the parentheses explains that it was created from correspondence with the Gazette.

Tip 3: Know that the Gazette was printed in Gothic Script. This is an older version of German that uses letters which look slightly different  from the ones we use today. Here’s a great guide.

Tip 4: Look for place names. Locations the US are often places of death, while locations in Luxembourg are usually places of birth.

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