5 reasons to use the Luxembourg census

We don’t use the Luxembourg census often enough… It’s not indexed, so why bother?

  1. It lists birth places. The U.S. census only lists states, but the Luxembourg census lists towns. Can’t figure out where your ancestor is born but know where they lived when their children were born? Problem solved.
  2. It lists maiden names. Trying to determine what happened to an ancestor’s sister? She’ll be listed with her husband under her maiden name.
  3. It lists occupations. Wonder what your ancestor did for a living? You can find out.
  4. It tells you how many families lived in the same house. No more trying to figure out if the three couples living together are related!
  5. It was taken more frequently than every ten years. No more praying your ancestor didn’t move for ten years… since the census was often taken every three.




About Bryna O'Sullivan

A Connecticut-based professional genealogist, I love working with beginners of all backgrounds. I also do specialty research in Connecticut and Luxembourg-American genealogy.
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One Response to 5 reasons to use the Luxembourg census

  1. Elizabeth Ward says:

    Bryna, you are such a wealth of knowledge! I find all of your tips so helpful!

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