IGGC Conference Wrap Up!


Did you miss this past weekend’s International Germanic Genealogy Conference?

You may want to block off 2019 on your schedule now! It was three very busy days of learning about the Germanic world. We had sessions on reading German records, the history of various regions, the resources of the U.S. consulates and more!

And for Luxembourgers, it was two sessions on basic research and civil registration, plus an extra “Connections” session, with a group q and a. We didn’t discover any relatives among the group, but we did get to talk about some of the new resources available for Luxembourg research – and those that don’t exist yet but we’d like to have! We also developed a list of things we’d like to know more about, including:

  1. the Luxembourg census
  2. house and family books
  3. gazetteers
  4. social history and more…


I’m planning to touch on a few of these things on the blog over the next few weeks and months…

And in the meantime, I’m planning for the fall!

(No, I haven’t forgotten my calendar! There’s a Luxembourg webinar coming up!)




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