What’s a familienbuch?

I always listen when someone tells me how much a source has revolutionized their family research… and  so I loved hearing from one of the attendees at IGGC how much a familienbuch on LuxRacines had changed their research…

What’s a familienbuch? Also called livre de famille or family book, a familienbuch is a published genealogy. It uses different groups of records to trace a family back generations. Some draw from census records; others from house histories; and still others from church or civil records. They don’t exist for every region of Luxembourg, but LuxRacines has a pretty good collection.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of using the family books? Advantages: they can help you trace your family back quickly. Disadvantages: they’re derivative sources. If the author made a mistake, you risk bringing it into your family tree. In the end, family books are a wonderful guide – but should be backed up with original sources. Happy hunting!


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