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A Connecticut-based professional genealogist, I love working with beginners of all backgrounds. I also do specialty research in Connecticut and Luxembourg-American genealogy.

Navigating notarial records… The beginning

Most Luxembourg researchers I know haven’t used notarial records. Why? They don’t know what notarial records are. (If you fall into that category, read the blog post here.) They don’t know where to look for the collection of notarial records … Continue reading

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The Luxembourg Census you haven’t heard of…

Thanks to genealogist Dorothy Clark for sharing information on and images of a census I haven’t yet gotten to explore… the 1766! Yup, there’s a census earlier than 1843. Marie-Theresa of Austria was interested in discovering the value of properties in order … Continue reading

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Why can’t I find records for my Luxembourg family when I know how their name is spelled?

I’ve had this question come up a few times lately… “I know my ancestor’s last name, but I can’t find any records. Why?” The simple answer: you might be spelling it wrong – or more accurately in the wrong language! … Continue reading

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Want to “see” your Luxembourg ancestor’s town?

Did you know Luxembourg sponsors an equivalent to Google Maps? Called Geoportal Luxembourg, this map database allows you to look at a variety of different locations using topographical maps, aerial photos, and more. Why do you care? It allows you … Continue reading

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Mappy Monday: Source of Historic Luxembourg Maps

… as much as genealogists loved the vendors at the International Germanic Genealogy Conference, I did hear one complaint: there weren’t enough maps of Luxembourg! If you’re looking for historic maps, I just discovered a promising new source: The National … Continue reading

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Looking for information on the laws of Luxembourg?

Knowing a country’s laws can be incredibly helpful for genealogy research. A law can tell us in what order a census was enumerated, who could have inherited, or what taxes your ancestor had to pay (and thus, what documents would … Continue reading

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What’s a familienbuch?

I always listen when someone tells me how much a source has revolutionized their family research… and  so I loved hearing from one of the attendees at IGGC how much a familienbuch on LuxRacines had changed their research… What’s a … Continue reading

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